DW中国团队简报 (第29期)

有关《家庭优先冠状病毒因应法》雇主亟待解决的 10个问题的解答

In light of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, H.R. 6201 (FFCRA) passing into law, we put together a top ten list of questions employers have about the FFCRA.

随着《家庭优先冠状病毒因应法案》H.R. 6201 (FFCRA), 签署 成为法律,我们将雇主想要了解的十大有关FFCRA的问题汇 总在一起供大家参考。

1. What are the expansions for employers that require them to provide certain time off /payment benefits to employees?


There are two protections, or rather, benefit carve-outs for eligible employees under the FFCRA: (1) the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act (FMLA Expansion); and (2) the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act. FFCRA.

对符合条件的员工提供两种保护,或者说是特殊福利: (1)《紧急家庭和病假扩展法》 (FMLA 扩展法案) ;和 (2) 《紧急带薪病假法》。

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